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What is the Proper Identification?

Please click on this link for complete instructions.

What are the Fees?

Fees depend on the level of service required.

The ORI# on the “Request for Live Scan” application has specified the “Level of Service” for your background check. The Department of Justice (DOJ), FBI, CA Child Abuse Index and Dept. of Social Services fees that are required for some applicants are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Level-of-Service fees are set by the respective agencies, NOT by California Fingerprinting Authority.

How Long will it take?

The process will take between 5 to 10 minutes if your forms are completed ahead of time.  If you are in a hurry and would like to make a call ahead appointment, please make sure to call before you come in and we will take care of you when you walk-in.

When will I get my results?

The results are sent electronically to your employer or requesting agency within 48 to 72 hours unless there is an additional review required by the agency to which your prints were submitted. Santa Clarita Live Scan does not receive your results

If an applicant’s fingerprints match fingerprints in the database, the record must be reviewed by a technician. This is a manual process that can take an indeterminate amount of time.

Alternatively, you may check your status by visiting https://applicantstatus.doj.ca.gov/  Please make sure you have your ATI# (located at the bottom of your Live Scan and your date of birth.  You will need both your ATI number and birth date available.

If your record shows completed then the requesting agency has received its response.  if it shows that its "in process" then you must wait until the record shows completed. We have no control over when the results are submitted back to the requesting agency.  If there is a question about your submission we can provide you with a tracking number which shows that your fingerprints were submitted to the DOJ for review. If you have any questions regarding your results you must contact the requesting agency, school district, or business entity. Again we DO NOT receive the results, only the requesting agency has access to the records. 

What happens if I receive a rejection notice?

If you receive notification from DOJ that your information or fingerprints were unacceptable, bring the notification letter with you and California Fingerprinting Authority will resubmit your prints. Most customers are aware at the time of fingerprinting if they are subject to rejection for poor quality. Resubmission from other Live Scan facilities will be charged Rolling Fee. If rejected because of poor quality on the second attempt, the applicant agency must request a name check. To do so, please complete a Request for DOJ Name Check found here and the FBI Name Check can be found here.

How long does the DOJ keep offenses I committed on my record?

The simple answer is until you turn 100 years old.  The DOJ is required by law to record the summary arrest, detention, disposition, and personal identification information when submitted by a law enforcement agency or court of this state.  The also keep records every time you submit for a Live Scan. 

How do I obtain background checks for my employees?

California law authorizes certain governmental and private organizations to conduct criminal offender record information background checks to help determine the suitability of a person applying for a license, employment, or a volunteer position working with children, the elderly, or the disabled. Law enforcement agencies, public and private schools, non-profit organizations, and in-home supportive care agencies are some of the organizations authorized to conduct these fingerprint-based background checks.

We offer assistance in setting up Applicant Agencies including school contractors or vendors wishing to do business with schools.

I forgot to request an FBI check for my applicant or other mistakes on the Live Scan form?

You (or the applicant) will need to be fingerprinted again. All fees will be charged and have to be remitted the second time.

Mobile Services

Yes! We provide mobile, on-site Live Scan fingerprinting services to Santa Clarita and beyond. Our technicians can fingerprint 10 to 1000 or more. Minimums do apply. Please email us your RFQ/RFP or company information.

Do you do background checks or other investigative services?

No, but we recommend Endeavor Group for all your needs. Please click here

How can I obtain a copy of my criminal history record?

Individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Department to review for accuracy and completeness.  To receive a copy of your personal criminal history record, you must fill out a Record Review Live Scan Form which is available here.  Bring this form, photo I.D. and payment with you.

What happens when an employer says i didn’t pass the background check?

Pursuant to Penal Code section 11105 (t), if an adverse employment, licensing, or certification decision is made based on the results of the criminal history background check, the applicant agency must provide a copy of those results to the applicant immediately.