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What to Bring


what to bring

  1. Your REQUEST FOR LIVE SCAN form completed (3 copies). 





1. Your REQUEST FOR LIVE SCAN form completed (3 copies). 

  • Obtain from your employer or requesting agency.

  • Complete all three copies. (Original-for our file / Copy 2 for you / Copy 3 for requesting agency as applicable)

  • Our technicians cannot complete this form for you. We are unable to process your fingerprints due to incomplete or inaccurate information and you will be required to make the changes on your form prior to service.

    *If you do not bring in three copies of the REQUEST FOR LIVE SCAN an additional charge will be added for duplication.*


2. Valid photo ID. Must be a photo ID from the list below.

  • California Driver's License

  • California DMV ID Card

  • Out-of-state Driver's License

Expired identification will not be accepted. (No Exceptions)


3. fee payment

We accept Cash, Check and Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard only). Please confirm all billing numbers. (Account holders
may bill all fees)

This includes applicable rolling fees and government fees. The government fees are identified by the Department of DOJ/FBI and the Live Scan Operators CAN NOT change this requirement. The fees are set by the DOJ and FBI and do not include the rolling fee.

If you require a passport photo or occupational picture to be taken please let us know so we can accommodate you.